Autumn has well and truly arrived!...finally. Most of our gorgeous new knits are in, Bubble Skirts are back in black, blue and denim, long-sleeved print and stripey tops are a hot item and new Campers and Docs are hop-skip-and-jumping out the door.

You may have noticed FOOL’s denim showcase in the current edition of Fashion Journal. Denim Peacoat, Biker Jacket and Pinafore (worn as skirt) illustrate the eternal versatility of denim, made super-current by bleeding raw edges and paired with pretty. Go FOOL!

Also, effusive and heartfelt congrats must go to Hayley Singer, Literati, FOOL maven and self-taught website Maestro, for her orchestration of FOOL’s online rebirth. We hope you love our new look as much as we do! We welcome any suggestions you might have for making your online shopping experience even easier and more enjoyable. 




For Summer 2015 we had Pudge Head and B.Boy as our in-house icons, reinventing the Big Tee as wearable art as dress, oversized top or simply a funky layer over anything. For Winter 2016, we’ve gone a step further with Picasso Head. An original painted portrait that channels both Fauvism and Cubism, Picasso Head is the latest Face of FOOL.

Long-sleeved, slinky Big Tees, cropped Bomber Jackets, gorgeous scarves which born adorn and warm, and insanely fabulous Picasso Head earrings made by Doodad and Fandango, will all soon be available in multiple jewel-like colour combos. These are truly pieces to covet. You’ll want to hang them on your wall…seriously!

All of the pieces in the Picasso Head range are very labour-intensive and will initially only be available in small numbers, so get in quick! We will also be taking orders.

Kathryn X

Customer Quote of the Week

‘If I had to say one word that sums up FOOL for me, it would be “joyfulness”.’ Teresa