Winter has arrived with a slap! and it’s time to seriously think about investing in some limited edition, anarchically colourful, warm-as-toast FOOL knits. If you see the cold weather as an opportunity to swathe yourself in beautiful, insulating garments that offer a seasonally unique way of expressing yourself, then you belong here.

In addition to our brand new Diamond Knits and Flower Face Knits, we also have limited pieces that revisit previous Winter collections. These garments seamlessly join the extended FOOL family of knitwear, proof of the timelessness of the aesthetic.

An ongoing theme that subtly permeates every FOOL collection is its iconic Fool Face. Never obvious, this happy little fella peeks out of the folds and fabrics of many garments, often recognised only by those looking for him.

From June 10-23 at the Brunswick Street Gallery, FOOL will be participating in the exhibition Form Fabric. In Your Face is a collection of painted, illustrated and digitally composed versions of the iconic FOOL red and white face logo that have featured in FOOL’s collections.

For Winter 2016, we introduce the Flower Face Fool! For the bright version of this elaborate Intarsia pattern, the Fool Face interacts with a floral motif in a Baroque Bacchanal of hot reds, pinks and purples. The Dark colourway is more mysterious, like a walk deep in the woods, the face shadowed by forest green, darkest navy, charcoal and winter white.

The height of arctic chic, FOOL’s gorgeous Flower Face knits are available in super-sized jumpers, sleek knee-length skirts and generous Wraps that will make you want to curl up and hibernate.

Kathryn X

Customer Quote of the Week

“This shop is a treasure trove!” Meredith

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