Last Friday, the exhibition FORM FABRIC opened at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy. FOOL's contribution, In Your Face, a collection of painted, illustrated and digitally composed versions of Fool Faces as used in FOOL collections, has of course been rapturously received. Artworks have already been sold! Until June 23, you too can purchase your own piece of FOOL history, or just take the chance to smile at Fools. 

The newest member of the Fool Face Family, Picasso Head, is now available in-store in a dazzling spectrum of luminous colour combinations. The sister range to the Picasso Head Big Tee, these super-sized tops are as wide as they are tall, with fitted 3/4 sleeves. These 'artworks' are hand-printed onto soft, flowing chiffon, which has then been 'mounted' on black ponte, giving these tops weight and warmth. Wear FOOL and BE ART. 



What kind of home are your feet living in this Winter? Does it have wall-to-wall carpeting? Central Heating? Lava Lamps? (Faux) bearskin rugs? Or are your tootsies living in the equivalent of a cardboard box? Shame on you! It's time to show your feet some love...Yeah, Baby...

CAMPERS have long been loved and lauded for being super-comfy as well as quixotically stylish, delivering both glamour and support for the hardest-working and hardest-walking of soles. It's an inevitable segue to say that CAMPERS are the perfect exclamation mark to a FOOL ensemble. 

Suede peep-toe Mary-Janes, schmick lace-up Patents and understated matt leather Ankle Boots all feature a mini-platform at the sole and chunky rubber heel, offering lift without levitation. Perfect for those who want an extra few centimetres without mandatory life insurance. For those who prefer to have their feet closer to the ground, we have two styles of the iconic TWINS: suede slip-on baby-platforms and a sophisticated brogue-style lace-up. Love FOOL, love CAMPERS, love your feet. 

Kathryn x


"Whenever I buy things from FOOL, I wear them and wear them and wear them and they don't date and are really well made; they LAST. " Cath

For pics of our customers decked out in FOOL fabulousness, please go to fool118 on Instagram