So by now you should realise that if you follow a ball of wool (pure Australian Merino, of course), it will take you to the door of FOOL.

If you see someone on the street looking bright, odds are that they are wearing one of our glorious knits. We’ve already sold out of a couple of colourways, and are getting low on certain styles, so if you’ve been secretly rhapsodising over a piece you’ve seen on our (gorgeous, new, customer-friendly) website, it’s time to out yourself and get into FOOL to try it on. You KNOW it will look stunning AND is an eminently practical investment…FOOL knit goes on, heater can go off! We’re actually saving you money! And besides, wouldn’t you rather your money support locally-made Australian fabulousness than corporate greed?



An ongoing neckline in FOOL collections is the draped cowl. Used in tops, dresses and vests, its endless potential for reinvention makes it a FOOL classic.

Currently in store we have ¾ sleeve Cowl-Neck Tops in different weights and colours, sleek and fitted, perfect for work. Alternatively, the long-sleeved Ski Cowl Top and its longer cousin the Ski Cowl Dress, are sculptural and draped, miraculously flattering and allowing for another layer underneath. The dress version can be worn as a long top, ruched around hips and waist, or pulled straight down tight for those who like to show their silhouette. Both styles available in Black, Navy and Cobalt Blue.

We also have a very limited number of these dresses in welt knit in Black, Cobalt and Black/Citrus for those of you who love to cocoon themselves in wool. There are a small number of Black Welt Knit Vests left; essentially the same shape as the Ski Cowl Top but with the ‘sleeves’ ending at the elbow. The perfect pre-Winter layer, these have almost sold out. We also have a lighter, more softly draped rib knit version of this vest in Emerald Green, another ingenious layer. Finally, new in-store, we have a felted woollen woven in this style. In a super-versatile Tweed, this Wool Cowl Vest is the perfect addition to the FOOL Cowl Family, a light warm layer that’s thin enough to easily be worn under jackets but also magically warm.

Customer Quote of the Week

“I come to FOOL for Colour. Colour done well.” Eva