Today I’m going to talk about the “Art of Layering”, which is very timely as we start thinking wistfully about warmer temperatures and the often traumatic wardrobe transition from Winter to Spring.

The first thing to NOT do is pack away all your Winter Warmers. It will stay very cold for WEEKS yet and you will need at least one warm woolly jumper or jacket, preferably several. At which point I can’t help but mention that we have a small number of our iconic Knits left. The Diamond Knit Jackets are perfect for this time of year and right through Spring, really. They’re a light woollen layer that you can put over as much or as little as the weather requires. Incredibly versatile and Oh-So-Stylish. Available in both Dark and Bright colourways, they effortlessly blend with your wardrobe or stand alone as a Statement Piece. We also have a small number of faux-Shearling Cropped Pea Coats. I have one in Washed Denim and I’m LOVING it. It means I can venture outside with just one or two thin layers underneath my cocoon of snugly warmth, which I then easily slough off when I return indoors.

Picasso head dress, bright wool wrap & diamond knit cardigan.

OK. Back to layering. It’s really pretty simple and a lot of fun working out what pings with your mood and your day’s activities. It’s also the most practical way to dress in Melbourne, because of the “four seasons in one day” phenomenon that is particularly typical of Spring.

First of all, decide on a colour palette (whether you want to CLASH or coordinate) and a style: street-casual, smarty-pants, a-little-bit dressy? Whilst doing this, think about a feeling you want to evoke rather than preconceived ideas about what should go with what. For example, do you want to convey warmth and friendliness or cool authority? Do you want to stylishly blend in, or exhuberantly stand out?

Choose your silhouettes to maintain overall harmony whilst feeling free to create interesting discord. The more varied the fabrics, the more texture, tucks, pleats, darts and drape you have to play with, the more dynamic your look will be. Go crazy with accessories! They can often be the elusive element that brings it all together. Add, subtract, add, subtract until you achieve that “Eureka!” moment.

You will get better and better at this with practise, and the pleasure you will derive from this process and its results will be the gift that keeps on giving. There are no real ‘fashion rules’ anymore and individuality is admired above all else, so give it a go. And of course, if you need ANY advice or would like to be walked through some options, we would love to help. Consider FOOL an extension of your wardrobe; the “walk in” bit. This is what we do for a living, so take advantage of our expertise and let us help you create a new and vibrant look that is all yours.

Kathryn x




Wooo Hooo! A black stretchy skirt that makes you look like Venus de Milo…almost; well, close enough! This gorgeous, stretchy, fitted and draped long skirt is a celebration of womanly curves…the ones in all the right places. It is high-waisted and pleated at one hip to create an elongated tulip shape that curves around the calves. Whilst stretchy and therefore extremely accommodating, the fabric is dense enough to be forgiving of all topographical imperfections. The LBS (Little Black Skirt) has come of age.


“I have a wardrobe filled with gorgeous FOOL garments. I can mix and match every piece from any year or season and have a totally new and fab outfit. I’m always inspired by FOOL for its originality and creativity, its ethical approach to fashion and sense of fun. It feels great to wear FOOL!”  Anne-Louise, FOOL Muse Extraordinaire

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