A FOOL’S PARADISE           

BIG IS BETTER when it comes to the humble tee…or not so humble in this case. FOOL has elevated the tee shirt to the dizzying heights of Art! Pudge Face, B.Boy, Splatter FOOL Face, Layered FOOL Face and Picasso Head are all original artworks that have graced the virtual easels of our fabulous Big Tee dresses over the last 2 seasons.

There are more portraits to come in this gallery of Fools, including Hairum Scarum, Peg Legs, Cartoon and Spider Web. Before our new friends join us, however, we have a redux version of our Splatter and Layered FOOL Face Big Tees to help us transition stylishly from Winter to Spring. Our new Splatter Face Tee is a HOT fiery red and cobalt blue combo, whilst our bright Layered Face features gorgeous cotton-knit sleeves from our forthcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collection. If you missed out on these two last year, now’s the time to get into the Art Market.


FOOL FANCY of the Week


SO excited! As some of you might know, I’ve been encouraging our intrepid designer for some time now to journey deep into the Heart of Brightness that is her studio in search of the carefully preserved remains of previous collections. I am thrilled to announce that some real gems are being unearthed. This week we have cotton lycra tops in wonderful patterns and awesome colours plus a fave of mine, the NOBODY’S FOOL statement tops. All are in pristine condition and available in various sizes at their original price! Stand-by to hear about new pieces as they are re-emerge.

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Customer Quote of the Week

“When I moved here, the FOOL shop windows were the first thing to make me smile.” Lindy (ex-Skater Girrrl)

 For pics of our customers decked out in FOOL fabulousness, please go to  fool118 on Instagram